In life, I’ve learned the act of being able to separate yourself from other people’s view. How others think of you, the way they respond to you, the way they make you feel, they shouldn’t control the way you see things. Because that’s not you, that’s them. You shouldn’t go carrying them around with you because it’s not a piece of you. When others try to bring you down with their words, it doesn’t show your character but theirs, because our hearts reflect the quality of our thoughts. That’s why I think that it’s very important not to let yourself be affected or bothered in any way about how others respond to you or the way they see you. Because as long as you know yourself and know that your feelings are not subjected to what others feel, you won’t have to be unsure of who you are. By this, you may also become a help to those people by trying to understand where they’re coming from, for chances are, they’re showing you the signs of the unfolded sadness within them.

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Be grateful for everything you have right now in your life. Don’t go looking for what’s not present, because you never know when you could lose something or someone. Appreciation is important in every relationship. 

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